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by Cassie Manning
- Localized JSD
Age 14

A blind eye can always see,
Though not the same as you or me.
They see shapes and colors, these sightless eyes,
Though not the world as we'd recognize.

A blind boy dances with all of his might
His dad had a job; he'd have dinner that night!
He thanked the world for his dad's chance at working,
Not knowing that danger would forever be lurking.

Opportunity knocks for those in need,
This time, his father with children to feed
Because of their race he would always be separate,
Taken advantage by those who are desperate…

Somewhere a sister with hearing that's numb,
Who cannot speak, so she is thought to be dumb.
Many are often stunned to realize
Intelligence shines brightly deep in her eyes…

Behind the curtain of another girl's heart
Her world is being torn apart
By classmates teases about her stride
She felt like she should have died…

But along come those with a different view,
To be her true friends, though they were few.
They loved her for her, and ignored all the sneers,
Struck by her through all, helped to dry all her tears…

Sometimes those with "perfect" faces and hair
Don't always stop to think or to care
About the feelings they may hurt
Or the people they make feel like dirt

Race should not matter,
Or size, or who's fatter.
Beliefs shouldn't either,
They make all love brighter.

Because "perfect", blind, deaf, or crippled physique
These are the things that make us unique
Whether your average, a worker, or kings,
Everyone's special, we're all human beings.

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Juvenile Scleroderma Network, Inc.
1204 W. 13th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

Tel: (310)519-9511 (Pacific Time)
24 Hour Support Line: 1-866-338-5892 (toll-free)

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